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1. Smith River – Starts at Public Boat Ramp below 101 bridge  to the estuary/mouth.

2. The Outhouse –  From Society Bar (199 bridge) to Public boat ramp below 101 bridge.

3. Twin Bridges –  To public boat ramp at Ruby Van Deventer Park.

4. Lake Earl – Starts at Lakeview boat ramp to the Narrows of Lake Tolowa.

5. Crescent City Harbor – Half day touring near the shore, fishing and sightseeing.

6. Winchuck River – Spend half day touring the tranquil lagoon.

7.  ​Smith River Estuary – Spend half day touring lagoon at and isolated beaches.


8. Ruby Van Deventer – State Park down to the mouth of the Smith River.

9. Twin Bridges – To Ruby Van Deventer State Park. (class 1 rapids)

10. The Outhouse – Starts at the gravel bar below 199 bridge and ends at the mouth

11. Lake Earl / Tolowa Narrows – Tour  both lagoons with  fishing and bird viewing

12. Lake Earl –  Tour  4,000 acre lagoon with over 100 migratory bird species.

13. Crescent City Harbor – Spend the day touring and fishing for Rockfish and seasonal Halibut