Carl Page is a fisheries and aquatic biologist that has lived in the area for over a decade. Exploring and conducting research on the fisheries and water quality, he has discovered many remote and special places he can lead you to. The Wild Rivers Coast has many secrets and special places to share with you, enjoy fishing or with family in safe surroundings. Carl will shuttle you to and from many put-in and take-out destinations. Smith River Kayaks also provides livery of all the wet gear and splash ware you will need for half-day and full-day outings.

Guided tours are not available on Saturdays. The cost of a 4-hour guided day of fishing, or touring coastal or river habitats, including all the splash-ware or wet suits, booties, etc, can be shared by up to 8 participants. $120. We provide high quality kayaks, seats, paddles, and life jackets for your total comfort and safety.

Late September through October into November, after the first heavy September rains and river flows allow, the Smith River will have large Chinook Salmon returning to spawn, however only hatchery fish are allowed to be kept using barbless hooks only.   Steelhead will return around late October or November through February and beyond.